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Our natural soaps bars are crafted in small batches using naturals herbs, spices and clays. All our soaps contains blends of essential oils, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E as a natural preservative.

Our Sea Sponge is a natural sponge from the Florida Keys. 

Reishi Mushroom Benefits:

- Natural and gentle Exfoliator.

- Cell Regeneration.

- Reduce Wrinkles.

- Anti Aging.

- Natural Moisturizing.

- Improves skin tone.

- Treats dry skin.

- Antioxidant.

- Helps purify and refine the skin.

- Detoxifies & Cleanses Toxins.

- Improves facial skin elasticity.

- Help to reduce and minimize the appearance of pores and puffiness.

Sea Sponge Facial Soap Bar

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